I am in Mumbay now

11 月 / 25 / 2003

I am in Mumbai now. Arriving from Delhi yesterday by flight. Originally I wanted to travel from Delhi to Mumbai by train. It was impossible since the tickets were all sold out. But travel by train is also fine since I was ill (with my digesting system) for the first time since I got to India.

In Mumbai I stay with Piyush Panday. The next President of the Jury for Cannes next year. They have got a really nice apartment by the sea. And all interior design are by his wife Nita Joshi. What I find amazing about India is, almost everyone I know do something outside their job and many of them are into art, poetry, etc. Like, Piyush has a nice painting about Rajastan and that’s from his sister – a doctor living in US. She learned to paint by herself. Piyush’s wife is also a glass art artist. Another important Indian creative – Prasoon Joshi, who won a Gold Lion in Cannes this year – visited me at Piyush and Nita’s house last night. Apart from working as ECD of McCann-Erickson in India he is also a poet and has published 3 poetry books. Last night during the conversation he explained how he created one of his successful song lyrics and recited it for us. Although I don’t understand Hindu it’s still very nice and impressive experience just listen to it.

At the moment I am sitting in Ogilvy & Mather’s office in Mumbay. At the moment everyone has done downstaris to sing birthday song for someone. Today I will look around the Ogilvy office, talking to people. Later I will go to meet Prasson Panday – Piyush’s brother, also world known commercial film director. Later I will also meet Prasoon Joshi and he will show me some work.

Before I go I’d like to thank Amit and his mother for taking care of me in Delhi. Thank you so much. If it was not becasue of you my days in India will be very difficult.

Love and best regards to you all,


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