I am still alive.

11 月 / 15 / 2003

Hi everyone, I am still alive.

The AdAsia ends last night. And today I am in a place called Pushkar.

Why I am in Pushkar? I didn’t make fixed plans where to go after the AdAsia conference. So when someone told me there is a free tour comes up and led me to register, I went and registered. Cause I am a bit short of money and if it’s a free tour to delegates, why not.

So today we – a group of five – end up being in a car for 8 hours. (Jaipur to Pushkar.) It turned out we are being invited by one of the leading newspapers in North India. So, we had been in the road for 8 hours. And arrive the newspaper at 5 p.m. and very badly shaped. (Dirty, etc.) And we were immediately being led into the Publisher’s Room when we arrived the rather grand newspaper building. At first we were being shown the whole set of newspapers. (The “Marrymonials” most interesting.) And then did the lucky drew for their readers. (And being photographed. I am sure it’d be on tomm’s newspaper. Hope they got a good shot of me.) Now I am sitting in the Internet booth from the hotel. And waiting to be taken to dinner.

Have to go now! Talk to you again soon if possible.

Love and best regards to you all.

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