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8 月 / 20 / 2010


ORBIS Campaign Brief

The Challenge

To produce an integrated campaign that encourages major corporations to donate to ORBIS Taiwan’s ongoing sight saving projects in developing countries. ORBIS Taiwan is fundraising for building 100 pediatric eye care centers in the developing world before 2015. We need an integrated campaign to create awareness for ORBIS’ good cause and generate corporate donations and more substantial partnerships.

Campaign Objectives

To generate the equivalent of NT 20 million dollars of donations and in-kind donations, such as offers or goods or services without payment, in a 12 month period, starting from 2011.

The Client

ORBIS is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and treating blindness by providing quality eye care to transform lives. ORBIS provides the tools, training and technology necessary for local partners to assess their needs and develop workable and lasting solutions to the tragedy of unnecessary blindness. By building their long-term capabilities, ORBIS helps its partner institutions take action to reach a state where they can provide, on their own, quality eye care services that are affordable, accessible and sustainable. Since its first program in 1982, ORBIS has worked in 87 countries, enhanced the skills of over 234,000 health care personnel and helped establish services that have provided quality eye care treatment to more than 12.5 million people.

Target Audience

  • Any corporate decision makers who invest in developing countries (e.g. Vietnam, China, Cambodia, India…)
  • Any companies deliver basic necessities (e.g. food, clothing, pharmaceuticals, banking, etc)
  • Any companies implement strategic philanthropy or cause-related marketing

Why does ORBIS address childhood blindness?

“Childhood blindness” describes a number of diseases and conditions that occur in childhood and early adolescence. Preventing and treating childhood blindness is a priority for ORBIS. Most serious pediatric eye disorders can be prevented or avoided. But when they do occur, and often in spite of attempts at treatment or if left untreated — as is usually the case in developing countries — they can result in a lifetime of blindness.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 1.4 million children are needlessly blind. Three quarters of those children live in the poorest regions of Asia and Africa. Each year almost half a million children go blind – approximately one child every minute. We consider combating childhood blindness as a priority in global blindness prevention due to the number of years of blindness that will ensue – devastating families and keeping children from living their lives to the fullest.

Why should companies donate to ORBIS?

By donating to ORBIS, companies can have an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of millions of people who are blind or at-risk of blindness, while also fostering a reputation for social responsibility. The ORBIS brand represents reliable and successful philanthropy, and we have a proven track record of building mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations that share our dedication to saving sight worldwide. Opportunities for corporate sponsorship include strategic philanthropy, sponsorship packages, public awareness activities, cause-related marketing, employee fundraising and gifts-in-kind.

Mandatory Inclusions

Web address: www.orbis.org.tw
Logo: ORBIS Chinese-English bilingual Logo
Phone number: ORBIS enquiry (02) 2546 5046


2010 Young Spikes Integrated Competition – Taiwan Final – Notes to Competitors

Notes to Competitors
The Young Creatives Competition Taiwan Final takes place at BBDO Taipei office – 7/F, No 101, Song Ren Road Taipei 11073 – the venue.
Teams are responsible for their own travel to and from the venue. The following takes place in the Integrated Competition area at the venue or on assigned web link:
Brifing  on www.kleinerfisch.com/blog at Friday 20 August 12:00
Entry Deadline   Sunday 22 August 14:00
Judging   Sunday 22 August 15:00 onwards

To provide an equal opportunity to all, the client and brief will only be made available at the start of the competition at 12:00 on Sunday 22 August. Once the brief has been presented, teams will have until 14:00 on Sunday 22 August to complete and submit their entry.
All work produced electronically must be saved into four files folders and wrapped up in one file folder marked your agency name. The four folders are Campaign Description, Campaign Channels, Presentation, and Supporting Material. Additional supporting material produced should be clearly labelled with your agency name.

All teams must submit:
– A maximum of 250 words describing the campaign (word document in Arial, font 10). This must be saved in the folder marked CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION.
– A maximum of 250 words describing how the campaign will be launched, executed and the appropriate channels used (word document in Arial, font 10). This must be saved in the folder marked CAMPAIGN CHANNELS.
– A Keynote or powerpoint presentation of no more than 10 slides describing the campaign. Teams should also produce an additional slide which summarises the campaign. Please save this slide as a JPG. Please save the presentation and summary slide in the folder marked PRESENTATION.
– Supporting electronic material (e.g. photos, videos) to be saved in the folder marker SUPPORTING MATERIAL.
– A minimum of three media channels must be used within the campaign, with teams expected to produce at least one piece of supporting material, including but not limited to:
Media plan
Print/Outdoor ads
Film/radio ad or script
Point of sale materials
Mobile Content
Social media

– Each team will be expected to deliver a 5 minute presentation explaining the campaign to the jury alongside their Keynote or powerpoint presentation. Following this, there will be a 5 minute question and answer session for each team.
Timings are strict and teams will not be permitted to present for more than the allocated 5 minutes.

Other Instructions:
– All work created as part competition remains the property of the Spikes Asia and may be used in promotion material as well as may be used by the client of this competition.
– Completed entries must be submitted by 14:00 on Sunday 22 August.
– Presentations to the judges will be made from 15:00 on Sunday 22 August. You will be notified of your allocated presentation time upon arrival to the venue.
– All teams will be gathered together to announce the winner as soon as the judging is complete (approx 17:00).
We look forward to a great competition – good luck!

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